I will assist you through your journey to self discovery and transformation

A passionate instructor, professional trainer, NLP coach, business professional, motivational speaker with fluency in Arabic, German and English

I’m certified NLP coach, Transactional analysis practitioner, NLP basic and master practitioner. I believe the things you feel passionate about are your CALLING, hear it, embrace it, and discover your true self.

I ignite change

Change offers you chances to grow, I will help you embrace it to gain personal strength.

I am a corporate professional

I will take you through an adventure of discovering your true potential for optimum corporate performance

I am your life coach

I will show you the path towards personal empowerment and professional excellence.

I vouch for women empowerment

I believe a woman is the full circle, she has the power to create, nurture and transform.

Nada El Gazzar

On the professional side, I am Quality & Business Excellence professional in Dubai with 13 years of corporate experience. I have worked for private and government organizations in the fields of transportation, oil and gas, electricity and water and currently works in the Corporate Excellence field/ Strategy & Business Development Sector. I have provided awareness as internal trainer in diversified areas including 7 stars Customer service, 4th Generation Model for Excellence in the Government Sector of UAE and coached number of employees for winning Individual Awards in DGEP program. I am certified EFQM (European Framework for Quality Management) assessor, TISSE Auditor (International Standard for Customer Service Excellence), ISO 20000 Lead Auditor.

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Executive Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching is for any individual who wishes to reach greater performance, satisfaction and personal and professional achievement

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Teenage Coaching & Bullying Awareness

Awareness raising can do wonders in the lives of growing children. We must empower them to wipe out bullying.

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Women Empowerment & Coaching

Guiding women to develop growth mindset, NLP techniques, and excessive confidence.

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Parental Coaching

Parenting techniques to build stronger relationships between parents and children for better grooming and empowerment of children.

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Corporate Development & Coaching

Empowering corporate workforce to develop growth strategies, personal branding, and competitive spirit for teamwork and corporate achievements

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Emotional Intelligence & NLP

Self-awareness, goal setting, confidence building, & supporting others through proven techniques such as NLP

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Muhammed Shoaib

Exciting session, very useful for kids and parents, delivered nicely, nice video shows, informative & full of knowledge.

Asma Khalak

Nada’s session is really very useful as a parent to learn and know about it especially for a parent who is an employee and has very less time to spend with their kids. We will also make sure that even small things will be taken care by us from now which we weren’t aware of. Thank you.

Sreeshari Vinayakumar

I would like to say that this class was really filled with moral values. This was really auspicious too. And about bullying, I would like to express that all the kids should stop bullying  and be smart and awesome kids. Even it was a very good class for parents too.

Rashid Mahmoud and Family

It is a wonderful session, lots of new learning, got answers of our lots of questions, how to deal with our children and how to train our children. These classes must be continued…

Mrs Rashid Mahmoud

It is a very informative session.Sessions like this should be conducted once per month with different topics.


It is a very informative session. I am getting the best out of it!

Ihsan Ullah Sheema

Presented and explained very well


Excellent session!

Learning for kids and parents

Everyone enjoyed and had a good time along with learning