Nada El Gazzar, an NLP professional coach believes God puts each and every one of us in this world to fulfil our life’s purpose. It is that one thing we are meant to accomplish, our gift we are supposed to share with the world. Nada has the strong conviction that our role as individuals is to harness our gifts, our unique skills, and our talents to bear so as to benefit others, and the world at large.

We have to understand that living a moral and virtuous life is synonymous to correctly using our talents. For our role on the earth to be fulfilled, we must be living examples of our infinite possibilities and the experiences our human spirit exhibits.

We should strive to be role models to others, to create experiences that will last a lifetime, give full impact so we can leave a legacy behind having passed on the baton of our spirit to other humans, and having utilized our God-given talents to the fullest of potential.

The understanding of the outlined principles prompted Nada to seek a career path in the utmost fulfilment of her destiny. She found that path in practicing NLP.

Neuro linguistic programming to Nada is a conduit to using her gifting to impact her world. One of her greatest passion in life is to effectively influence human behavior and psychology positively. This passion led her to the study and practice of NLP. In further pursuance of that passion, she took courses in emotional intelligence and leadership, all in order to better serve her audience.

Growing up in Alexandria, Egypt and going to a German school has helped shape Nada’s realities. Nada has always been passionate about how to effectively communicate with other people, and fluency in several languages is helping her achieve that particular dream. Today, she is able to use this language skill effectively in her practice.

Nada has received certifications in different areas which includes NLP professional coach, transactional analysis practitioner, basic and master NLP practitioner, and she also holds the NLP practitioner certification.

Combining 13 years of corporate experience as a Quality and business excellence professional in Dubai with diverse experiences in private and government organizations, in transportation, oil and gas, electricity and water, she has been able to hone her managerial skills to the level where she is able to help anybody.

For many years, implementing key strategies for success, Nada performed as an internal trainer in diverse areas including 7 stars customer service, 4th generation model for excellence in the government sector of UAE, and also coached a good number of employees to win individual awards in the DGEP program. Other projects she was involved in includes EXPO2020, People of Determination, Corporate Innovative Administrative Initiatives and Joint government services categories.

All these accomplishments combined make her who she is today, a professional perfectly equipped to handle any professional needs of any individual.

Her personal empowerment workshops and coaching experience have enabled her work with individuals in the aspect of anti-bullying and campaigns to parents/kids and along schools, women empowerment, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional intelligence, and personal branding.

Using NLP, she is able to help any individual come to the realization of who they are and therefore enhance their abilities to recognize and remove limitations, communicate in an effective and powerful way, enhance their relationship and manage their emotions in any given situation, control their thinking, and have enormous confidence and self-belief in their individual abilities to live a full, impactful life.